Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic®

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization, Professional Health Care at Reasonable Costs

Since its inception in 1984, Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic® has steadily moved into the forefront of diagnostic health care, establishing a reputation for providing competitively priced high quality medical services through a combination of individual professional expertise & experience, and frontline technologies.

With one clinic based in the vantage Museum area, south Mumbai, and another close to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Andheri East; Andheri West Mumbai and now in Fatorda, Goa, Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinics® are conveniently located near ports, shipping offices, banks and insurance companies. The clinics provide health care and medical services to seafarers, shipping companies, commercial pilots, airlines, insurance companies, corporate organizations and individuals.

The focus has been on providing quality services at customary reasonable prevailing costs. Lengthy investigations, which might be both unnecessary and expensive, are avoided. The accent is on keeping the patient's financial and health interests in mind, while maintaining the stringent international standards without compromise on quality. Knowledge of Cochrane's Criteria has been of immense use in the area of evidence based medicine. It ensures compliance with the code of ethical medical practice.