Winning approval where it counts - connecting with high places

Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic® is the accredited, approved medical clinic in Mumbai for:

  •     Directorate General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways, Government of India
  •     Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India
  •     The UK P&I Club, London
  •     The American P&I Club
  •     SKULD P&I accreditation for our facilities in Andheri East, Mumbai and in Goa
  •     Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA)
  •     Danish Maritime Authority
  •     The Government of Thailand (Harbour Dept.)
  •     Republic of Malta
  •     Republic of Panama: Directorate General Of Consular & Maritime Affairs
  •     Republic of Liberia: Deputy Commissioner Of Maritime Affairs
  •     Italian Law 271-99 & 272-99
  •     Republic of Vanuatu: Maritime Administrator
  •     Republic of Marshall Islands
  •     Maritime And Port Authority of Singapore (Shipping Division)
  •     Government of Malaysia; Marine Department
  •     Republic of France (for Medical Aptitude Certificate For Seagoing Duty)
  •     Government of Antigua And Barbuda, Dept of Marine Services & Merchant Shipping (ADOMS)
  •     Oil & Gas UK (OGUK)


Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic® cater to the large spectrum and many players in the insurance sector.