A broad-band service suite

Clinic facilities at all locations of BSMC have been systematically upgraded over the years and are eminently capable of providing a wide scope of services, ranging from certification, vaccination, medical consultation and investigations to hospitalization, referrals to medical specialists, counseling, emergency evacuation support, assessment of partial / permanent physical disability, etc. These include the medical examinations of seafarers conforming to the minimum statutory medical standards of various flag states, pre-employment medical examination (PEME) for seafarers conforming to guidelines laid down by international regulatory authorities and P&I Clubs, annual medical check-up (AMC) for executives and certification of commercial pilots for Class II examinations.

An extensive service spectrum

  • Fully computerized pathological laboratory: equipped with: computerized cell counter, fully automated haematolgy & biochemistry autoanalyzer, binocular high-resolution medical microscope, ELISA reader
  • 300 mA X-ray Machine for conducting all radiological examinations and procedures
  • Computer based, self-interpreting 12-lead digital ECG machine
  • Ultrasonography & Colour Doppler studies
  • Audiometry (digital, computer based audiometry)
  • Digital Snellen’s charts with randomization for assessing visual acuity
  • Computerised digital pulmonary function tests (reports with all values & graphs)
  • Computerized treadmill test
  • Painless Dental Services at Andheri East facility of BSMC.